B2In Consulting® 2019

B2In Consulting®

New York, NY, USA


See far away to see big

Preliminary Marketing Studies to an Overseas Location (USA/France/Belgium/Switzerland)

  • Pre-Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis, Marketing  Diagnostics (SWOT,...)

  • Strategic Analysis and recommendations

  • Competitor benchmark and analysis

  • Pricing Structure and Benchmark 

Marketing and Technological Watch of the North-American/European Markets for Digital Companies or Startups in the following industry verticals: 


  • TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications)

  • Cybersecurity

  • Marketing tech Mobile

  • Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce

  • Internet of Everything (Connected Cars, Smart Home/Smart Cities/Smart Factories, M2M)

  • Big Data/Data Monetization

  • FinTech

  • Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Contents/Entertainment/Pay TV

  • VR/AR/AI/Robotics/Drones

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine

Market Trends Detection and Identification of new business opportunities and sources of growth


  • New Behaviors/New Usages/New Customer needs

  • Breakthroughs and New Business Models analysis

  • Watch of Social Networks evolution

  • Commercial due diligence